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How have mobility options improved over the past several years?

Previously as people aged, their health deteriorated or their movement is restricted due to hip or knee problems, the mobility options would be limited to wheel chairs or mobility scooters.

While these options may be inevitable when we reach the point where we can not balance easily or are too frail and need assistance with every day activities. Many people are still in good health, yet are restricted by previous injuries or limited movement of their lower limbs.
Over the past years extra mobility options have become available due to an increase use of electric bikes and other mobility products. There now appears to be more mobility choices than ever.

There proven health benefits of being outdoors, staying active and getting some exercise even accompanying our family or friends outdoors.  It is a good time to look at some of the latest options available.

So what are the choices available?

The current Choices are:

  • Electric Mobility Scooters:
  • Electric Bikes:
  • Electric moped style Bike:

When it comes to finding the best option for you, keep in mind each product’s suitability according to your health needs also, reliability, features, pricing, and overall quality. Here is what we found!



Lets start with the traditional Electric  Mobility Scooter!

The best way to describe an electric mobility scooter is basically it is a chair on wheels that can assist people that are not easily able to walk because of knee or Hip problems or some age related physical  problems or disabilities.

In basic terms it can be a combination of a wheelchair and electric scooter .
If you have some difficulties it can be practical way to get around.

Some of the uses are as follows:


You may see people at retail or grocery stores moving around in a mobility scooter.
This is because they are able to travel long distances when the scooters fully charged.
You already know that going to the supermarket means a lot of walking, sometimes for an entire hour.
An electric mobility scooter solves this problem in a comfortable and enjoyable way.
This is fine if you do not live too far from the store,as the maximum speed is generally 4 MPH and the terrain needs to be good enough for you to be able to get there safely.

If you live further from the store how do you transport a electric mobility scooter with you?
There are racks that can be fitted to your car. These are great scooter options but you still need to get them off and put them back on.
This seems a lot of work unless you plan on being there for some time.

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