• Cobalt City Rookies

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    Cobalt City, Jewel of New England, has been the home of superheroes since the first people settled on the rocky shore. But as the old heroes move away, die, or retire, it falls to a new generation to step up and bear the burden—protecting Cobalt, and the world, from the nefarious plans of madmen and malicious Gods. Join a diverse band of new teen heroes as they pick up the mask, challenge destiny, and dare to become legends.

    Wrecker of Engines by Rosemary Jones features Morgan Lee, a young immigrant from Hong Kong who has come to Cobalt City to escape enemies he has made among the crime syndicates back home, and to research the history of a family he has only heard whispers about. Discovering the truth of his past will require him to create a new family of allies, especially when the secrets he seeks are in danger of being swept away by a steampunk villain seeking vengeance denied for over a century.

    Tatterdemalion by Nikki Burns features Miranda, a girl who survived a plane crash in the Alaska wilderness and a month alone waiting for rescue only to discover the strength, and costume, she found there has its own agenda. Upon her return to Cobalt City, she discovers that mysterious blackouts and teen gangs have turned the city into chaos. And the Alaskan tundra is not nearly as unforgiving as the social circles at her new school. It will take the collective wisdom of the Parliament of Rags that inhabit her costume and the resolve Miranda earned in the wilds to bring the fight to her faceless enemy.

    Kensei by Jeremy Zimmerman features Jamie Hattori, a headstrong young woman caught between worlds on a journey of self-discovery. With a stolen sword and a gift for speaking to spirits, she is wearing herself out balancing school, roller derby, a budding teen romance, and protecting the Karlsburg neighborhood of Cobalt City. The spirits have a warning—evil is coming, heralded by mysterious golden apples, a vicious gossip blog, and bloodsucking owls. How can one girl expect to challenge the will of ancient gods—especially when there’s a chemistry test on Friday?

    Cobalt City Rookies is available $4.99. Purchase the Kindle format at Amazon, the Nook format at Barnes and Noble, or get both DRM-free, plus a PDF right here:


    What People Are Saying!

    About Kensei:

    “Jeremy Zimmerman has created a unique combination coming-of-age / super-hero story in which the protagonist wrestles with her sexual identity as much as she wrestles with the city’s villains. Readers will love Kensei’s impressive ninja skills, but will root for her because of her humor and her heart.”
    – Danika Dinsmore, author of The Ruins of Noe

    “There is always room for another kick-butt female hero, and Zimmerman delivers a double-punch with Jamie and her superhero identity, Kensei. Battling next to – and against – spirits, gods, lions and the awkwardness of high school, Jamie is a young lady with courage, spirit and staying power. A can’t miss read.”
    – Caren Gussoff, author of Homecoming and The Wave and Other Stories

    “Kensei is fast paced, engaging, and full of likable characters. A wonderful mix of superheroes and mythology. Watching Jamie Hattori navigate high school, dating, and supervillainy is just plain fun.”
    Lyn Benedict, author of Lies & Omens

    “What an exciting, action-filled blast! Full of superheroes, villains, laughs, and mystery, this page-turner will charm and entertain while you cheer for the heroine to solve the crime and save her city from evil.”
    Ann Charles, author of the Deadwood Mysteries

    “Jeremy Zimmerman’s Kensei is all you can ask from a superhero story and more–great fight scenes, treacherous villains, vampire owls, clever quips, family drama, and even young love.”
    – Author Jamie Lackey