• Author Interview: Jeremy Zimmerman

    by Nathan Crowder • October 27, 2011 • Interviews

    Take a moment to get to know one of the authors of our forthcoming Cobalt City Dark Carnival anthology.

    Q1: What’s your name?

    Jeremy Zimmerman

    Q2: What is the name of your story?

    “Snowflake’s Chance in Hell”

    Q3: Who is your hero?

    Bodhisattva Dave. Or, what, do you mean what hero did I use for my story? That would be Snowflake, as the title would suggest.

    Q4: Why did you choose them for your story?

    Snowflake is clearly the pivotal element of the Protectorate. He binds the team together. Or, at least, he drives them places. I also feel like he’s a kindred soul, which is a little alarming when you stop to think about it.

    Q5: Do you have a favorite carnival attraction, and if so, what is it?

    Not really. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to an actual carnival. Circuses? Fairs? Amusement parks? But not really a carnival. My favorite fair attraction are the animals. My favorite amusement park ride remains the original Star Tours ride.

    Q6: Did you have any music, movies, or books that you tapped for inspiration?

    HBO’s Carnivale has long since implanted its eggs in my head.

    Q7: What was your favorite part of the story?

    I really had ridiculous fun writing the interaction between Snowflake and the little boy towards the end of the story.

    Q8: If you could be a superhero, what would be your name and primary ability?

    My superhero name would be Der Schmiedehammer and my power would be flight.

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